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dr. evie sabet, dds

The word WHY has inspired not only my professional career but my personal life as well.

WHY has caused me to dig deeper into my impact as a practitioner and the effect that the power of understanding a patient’s WHY can have. Understanding that WHY can heal and even change the length and trajectory of a patient’s life.

As a general dentist for twelve years, I have had the opportunity to treat cases ranging from the most complicated full mouth reconstructions to the simplest of fillings. As each case presented, I began to wonder WHY. WHY did the patient get to this point, WHY are they in pain, WHY are their teeth failing them? Then there was the biggest WHY of all. WHY isn’t the patient’s overall health not being addressed in connection with this condition? The question of WHY led my search into this greater connection. The more I searched the more I came to understand the vital connection between the dental arches and the airway. Once I understood this connection, the WHY for so many of my patients was finally answered!

professional background

Dr. Julienne “Evie” Sabet is an accomplished general dentist who focuses on craniofacial development, airway health, and TMJ disorders. She has also served as a clinical advisor, retail founder, and product developer. She attended the University of Florida for her undergraduate education and completed her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland. She has practiced in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, public health clinics, private practice, and teaching facilities. Dr. Sabet has designed multiple consumer and dental products and proudly holds multiple patents. In addition to her professional positions and dental practice, Dr.Sabet is also a proud wife and mother of three.

Airway-focused dentistry has become my passion. With every patient I help, the drive to impact even more patients’ lives becomes even stronger. That is WHY I founded Developmental Dentistry – to bring healing, health, and longevity to all those we serve.

I look forward to meeting you!
Dr. Sabet

dr. shanley hamby, dds

Years ago, I realized that understanding and remembering my “WHY” would sustain me to do the right thing, even when it was difficult. In both large and small decisions — personal and professional — this has proven to be true. It has also spurred my passion for dentistry and kept my curiosity fresh. This is especially true in the area of the link between oral and systemic health.

During my last ten years practicing as a general dentist, I have repeatedly felt motivated to dig deeper into patients’ conditions and to challenge myself to identify the underlying causes that have led to their symptoms. That drive to go deeper has also led me to pursue myofunctional therapy, an exciting field that aims to help patients breathe, swallow, and chew more optimally. The goal of this treatment is to encourage better orofacial development in growing patients and to help address the root causes of an array of conditions in patients of all ages.

professional background

I feel humbled and honored by the responsibility of caring for my patients in this way, and I am grateful for the trust each patient places in me when I care for him or her. I don’t take that trust or that responsibility lightly. I am grateful to work with a team that also feels this way and with patients who are motivated and proactive.

Elizabeth “Shanley” Lestini Hamby, D.D.S., received her B.A. from Duke University in 2009 and her D.D.S. from the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry in 2013. She has completed extensive post-graduate dental training at the Dawson Academy and the L.D. Pankey Institute. She has also trained with both the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and Myomentor. She has served as a Teaching Assistant at the Dawson Academy and as a member of the Pankey Institute’s Advisory Board. Additionally, she has served as a board member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health. She is the co-author of “The Shift: The Dramatic Movement Towards Health-Centered Dentistry.” Dr. Hamby lives with her family in Raleigh, NC.

dr. monica kim, dds, ms

When I get to know someone, I want to know what makes them happy. People find happiness in so many different ways, but something I learned in my childhood is: it is very difficult to be happy if we are not healthy. I wanted to become a person who could facilitate health for people who sought a better quality of life.

Being blessed with advanced training and education, I have the ability to treat people with the best medicine and dentistry has to offer. My background in cancer research and studying translational models for medical treatment along with my general dentistry education has provided me with a unique lens of finding the best quality leading edge health care in the field. 

My doctorate in dental surgery was just the beginning. Advanced training in sleep related breathing disorders, pain management, disorders such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD), and orofacial development all guided me with a broad narrative of better understanding how uniquely qualified dentists are in managing what every person needs: our ability to live well is foundationally determined by health. 

When someone asks me what my philosophy in health care is, my reply is, “ To provide the best the world has to offer to what my patient needs.” This paradigm requires due diligence in being current with literature, key opinion leaders in various professions, implementing current techniques and adopting improved technology when appropriate.

Some of the modalities of treatment I implement are surgeries, such as frenectomies utilizing the Fotona laser. I also use injectables to treat pain and TMD/TMJD including Botox and PRF. Patients under my care are also managed with splint therapy to treat a wide variety of issues such as sleep apnea, and pain. Key opinion leaders in the field who have influenced my paradigm are: Drs. Richard Baxter, Rebecca Bockow, William Chambers, Jamison Spencer, Soroush Zaghi, and more.

I take great joy in providing relief and helping patients understand the true nature of their problem rather than solely address their symptoms. The quality of my interactions with people who are in their journey for better health brings meaning to my work and a deep sense of purpose.

Life is too short to not live it fully. Come visit us and discover what evidence based, leading edge technology and passionate, empathetic providers and transform the next stage of your best life yet.

My personal motto is: Better health means happier people!

professional background

Dr. Monica Kim was born and bred in Chapel Hill. She attended Phillips Middle School, East Chapel Hill High School, and attended UNC-CH for both her Bachelor’s of Science and Doctorate in Dental Surgery. Go Tar Heels! She obtained her Master’s of Science studying cancer at the NCSU’s veterinary medical school. Go Wolfpack! Dr. Kim prides herself in having practiced diverse clinical settings including private practice, public health, and hospital dentistry. She enjoys spending time with family, in the outdoors, yoga, and cherishes her pets. Her aspirations include becoming a better cook, trying new foods, and traveling.

certifications and memberships

  • Diplomate, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Member, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

patty lane, cda

Steve Jobs famously said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Or, better yet Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

A large body of evidence-based career advice says those who are passionate about what they do will be happier and more productive at work. Their passion stems from caring deeply about what they do or where they work and being personally invested in and motivated by its mission.

Pursuing passion in my work is the purpose of my career in the “2nd 50 years” of my life.

To back up … I first started working in a dental office as a teenager in 1986. I was in a program that allowed me to experience different professions in the medical field, and was able to intern in a dental office. I fell in love with the dental office, and attended a program at the Medical College of Virginia to become a Certified Dental Assistant. Many years and a few great mentors in the dental office later, I felt I had gone as far as my career path could take me, and considered quitting.

In 2001, I heard a testimonial from a patient at a SC state dental meeting that shared how she had suffered with TMD pain, struggled to live, thought about suicide, and then was rehabilitated. I have been focusing my continuing education on that ever since! Most of that through LVI Global, a dental school that focuses on the comprehensive care and physiologic connection essential for treating TMJ and Sleep Apnea diagnosed patients. I am always saddened by how many years, misdiagnosis, and providers my patients have been through to seek help. Dubbed the “TMJ girl” in most offices I’ve worked in, I am proud of how well I understand my patients, their varied symptoms, and how each therapy is different.

Fast forward to 2021 … I love helping adults and teens recover from their TMJ dysfunction, BUT what about preventing the problem? What about growing a generation that doesn’t become one of my adult pain patients? What about educating the next generation’s parents to spot the issues their children are dealing with before they become those unhealthy, painful adults?

Enter Developmental Dentistry. I’m excited and inspired to see that vision come to life through parent education, co-therapies with providers that communicate the health of their patients for our current and next generation. We can’t treat what we can’t diagnose AND we can’t diagnose what we can’t see. Educating parents is the biggest part of the “why” in what I am doing in my “2nd 50 years”. I want to teach parents how what they see in their child’s mouth and face shape is related to their health symptoms.

I can’t wait to meet you and your family at Developmental Dentistry!
Patty Lane

melissa gibbs, scheduling & financial coordinator

I have worked with Dr. Evie Sabet for a while, even before she started this practice. Her passion and dedication in pursuing this industry is simply inspiring. So many providers are so focused on treating the immediate needs of their patients, they are not looking any further. Until recently, options were limited as to what could be done – there were plenty of solutions to fix the immediate need, but didn’t necessarily get to the root of the problem.

I absolutely love learning about the “why” in dentistry, and it is exciting to be part of this new type of dentistry. Dr. Sabet has dedicated herself to being part of the newest forms of dentistry and appliance therapy. Most people don’t realize how much our bodies are connected to our oral health and airway.

Working with Dr. Sabet has opened my eyes to so many things. I, myself, struggled with TMJ and sleep issues, and Dr. Sabet was able to dive right in and explain the “why” to me. It just makes sense, and I wanted to be a part of that life-changing experience for others. Once you start to learn about it, you can’t help but be passionate about it.

I have been in dentistry since 2005, as a part of both the clinical and administrative teams. I am thrilled to be able to share this knowledge and help people discover the “why” behind their issues. I look forward to helping you with payment options, assisting with insurance filing, and answering your calls. But, I am even more excited to see the transformation in your life and the lives of your families!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

collaborating sleep physician

jamila battle, md

Board Certified Sleep Medicine

At our practice, Developmental Dentistry, we are privileged to collaborate with Jamila Battle, MD, a distinguished physician from RestWell in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Dr. Battle, though not a direct part of our Developmental Dentistry team, plays a crucial role as a collaborative partner. She is a highly esteemed sleep medicine physician with triple board certifications, showcasing her expertise in this specialized field.

Her practice at RestWell has earned widespread recognition, and she is renowned for her proficiency in evaluating, testing, and managing sleep-disordered breathing and snoring. Remarkably, Dr. Battle holds licenses in 38 states, enabling her to offer her services across a vast geographical area. This nationwide reach allows patients from various regions to benefit from her exceptional skills in sleep medicine. Her collaboration with Developmental Dentistry enriches our practice, bringing a depth of knowledge and experience that is invaluable in treating our patients with sleep-related issues.

Dr. Battle’s mission extends beyond mere treatment; she aims to enhance the quality of life for those grappling with sleep disorders. She firmly believes in the foundational role of sleep in overall health, advocating that proper sleep management can aid in weight loss and potentially slow down aging.

Patients and colleagues alike admire Dr. Battle for her wisdom, kindness, and the empathetic approach she brings to patient care. At RestWell, she diagnoses and treats a plethora of sleep-related conditions, with a particular focus on obstructive sleep apnea.

Professional Background

Dr. Jamila Battle, a board-certified physician specializing in sleep medicine, is committed to offering natural sleep solutions to patients across all age groups. If you’re grappling with a sleep disorder and seeking effective resolution, Dr. Battle is well-equipped to assist. Her expertise extends to treating a wide range of sleep issues, including hypersomnia, insomnia, movement disorders, circadian rhythm problems, and sleep-related breathing disorders like sleep apnea.

Dr. Battle’s journey to becoming a sleep medicine expert was not a direct one. Originally, her medical career began with different aspirations, but it’s this indirect path that has enabled her to adopt a more holistic approach towards treating sleep disorders and enhancing overall health.

Her academic background is impressive, with an undergraduate degree from Duke University, medical training at UNC Chapel Hill, and a Family Medicine residency at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. During her practice, she recognized the critical roles of diet and exercise in health but identified two often-overlooked pillars: sleep/environment and meditation/connection. Motivated to integrate these elements into her practice, Dr. Battle furthered her education, gaining additional board certifications in Sleep Medicine and Addiction.

Get In Touch With Dr. Battle:

Collaborating Lactation Consultant

Lillian Scott

Lactation Consultant

My “Why” can also be called my deep passion to treat each individual patient I see according to their unique holistic needs, despite the extra thought, time and effort often required. Each patient’s story prior to my meeting them and throughout our healthcare journey together weaves threads into the foundation of my practice as a Speech-language Pathologist (SLP) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I am a patient advocate and champion of fostering my patients and their parents’ own agency in individual plan of care development.
I strive to actively listen to each of my patients, enabling me to better understand their story and perspective which brings great purpose to my work. In a world full of noise and distraction, my “Why” allows both myself and my patients to enter a quiet meaningful space that welcomes collaborative care and improved outcomes.

Lillian is a Speech-language Pathologist (SLP) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She enjoys working with parents and infants who desire to offer human milk through direct breastfeeding, exclusive pumping, artificial nipples, nasogastric/gastric tubes, or a combination of various safe infant feeding methods. She has been an invited speaker to a number of diverse professional organizations where she has championed the breast movement throughout the country. She has also integrated the evaluation and careful assessment and management recommendations of tethered oral tissues into her practice. She has past extensive experience in adult dysphagia in acute care, LTACH, and outpatient and as a special education teacher. Lillian is a lifelong learner with a passion to better understand and foster collaboration between various medical subspecialties, especially in the fields of speech language pathology and lactation. She actively seeks out professional education and research to better engage in these interdisciplinary discussions. Outside of her professional interests, she enjoys camping and traveling with her partner.