airway conscious dental therapy

At Developmental Dentistry, our goal is to provide people of all ages with holistic wellness & therapies for symptoms related to craniofacial underdevelopment, TMJ pain, & sleep-disordered breathing. 

we imagine a world...

in which not only are adults free from pain and sleep-disordered breathing, but where the next generations are prevented from enduring the consequences of poor airway development.

Our office leaves the fillings, crowns, and cleanings to the very special and important relationship you have with your primary dentist and instead focuses on the foundation in which those teeth are held.

Schedule a no-charge screening with Dr. Sabet for children who exhibit outward symptoms of sleep disorders that could interfere with physical, cognitive, emotional & social development.

treatment options

Appliance Therapy for Children

Sometimes a lip or tongue tie is causing the delay in your child’s growth & development. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sabet to screen for these conditions & develop the best treatment plan for your child.

Frenectomies & Tissue Release

If you suffer from symptoms like jaw pain, headaches, clicking or popping in the jaw, or ear ringing, we encourage you to schedule a TMJ Evaluation with Dr. Sabet to get a diagnosis & plan a therapy that is tailored specifically for you.

TMJ Therapy

Have trouble with snoring or sleep apnea? Schedule an evaluation with Dr. Sabet to learn more about how she uses minimally invasive technology to treat these issues.

Sleep Appliance & Laser Therapy for Adults

what our patients are saying

Angela, Bear Creek

“Dr. Evie has treated myself and my children for several years. We have been extremely happy with the exceptional care we have received. My husband and I as well as our kids very much appreciate the time Dr. Evie takes to explain the why, how, and projected outcome for any recommended treatment. It is clear that Dr. Evie is well informed and well educated. We highly recommend Dr. Evie and Developmental Dentistry!”

Jennifer, Mebane

“Saving us years of costly orthodontics, Dr. Evie and Developmental Dentistry developed a treatment plan for our daughter that is nothing short of miraculous. After a month of Healthy Start treatment, we already saw improvements in the positioning of our daughter’s teeth and jaw. A year later, her teeth and jaw are perfectly positioned, her sleep is improved, and her smile lights up a room. We are grateful to Dr. Evie and Developmental Dentistry for taking care of our daughter.”

Jason, Hillsborough

“We've been thrilled with Dr. Evie and the healthy start program. Both our boys are in the program and we've noticed an improvement in their sleep and speech habits. Of course, their teeth are coming in straight, too! Dr. Evie and her team provide excellent care, and clear and transparent processes. They've even taken advantage of newer technology to make getting started super easy, even for a 6-year-old! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Developmental Dental, Dr. Evie, and the healthy start program to anyone that is looking for orthodontics for their kids.”

Geneane, Chapel Hill

“I had no idea bed wetting was an indication of airway issues for my daughter. The pediatrician and speech therapists never asked if my child wet the bed. However, this question was one of the first Dr. Evie asked. After a consultation with Dr. Evie and her staff, I was confident their treatment plan would make a difference for my child. I knew at that moment I found a knowledge doctor that I could trust. My daughter wears her habit corrector every night. It is so much easier than trying to do speech exercises daily, and after 4 months there has been definite speech improvement.”

Renee, Halifax County VA

“I was very, very skeptical that it would work. My husband had seen an ad for Healthy Start and thought they "were full of it". After 4 months he and I agree, it’s just amazing how his habit corrector changed his look so much! I recommend Dr. Evie Sabet to my friends with children.”

Meet Dr. sabet

Dr. Julienne “Evie” Sabet is an accomplished general dentist who focuses on craniofacial development, airway health, and TMJ disorders. She attended the University of Florida for her undergraduate education and completed her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland. Dr. Sabet has practiced in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, public health clinics, private practice, and teaching facilities.

After practicing general dentistry for twelve years, her passion changed to airway-focused dentistry so she could provide a more holistic option for her patients. With every person she helps, the drive to impact even more patients’ lives becomes stronger. That is why she founded Developmental Dentistry - to bring healing, health, and longevity to all people.